Gin Review- Wight Mermaids Gin

I love gin, in-particular I love discovering a new gin! Don’t get me wrong, the classics that you can find in any supermarket make a staple part of my gin collection. However, there is something refreshing and exciting about finding and trying a gin that is a little bit more craft and artisan.


Last Summer I visited the Isle of Wight and spotted this exciting looking bottle in a few pubs and restaurants that we popped into. I just had to track down where the gin came from and find out more about it! Que a trip to Rosemary Vineyard in Ryde, home to the Isle of Wight Distillery.

Using local hand-picked ingredients such as Rock Samphire and hops, the distillery aim to capture the spirit of the island in their drinks. The gin is small batch distilled at the vineyard and during the process the botanicals and spirit are left to rest for seven days to allow the flavours to mellow and meld together.

You can tell the love and craftsmanship that goes into this gin when you taste it. If you are looking for a classic gin taste (think Gordons) then this isn’t it! They recommend that you serve it in a traditional G&T and use Samphire or cucumber as a garnish. It is a sweet peppery gin that took me by surprise, I tried mine with a twist of cucumber and think this really brought out the fresh flavours. I could imagine sipping it by the sea whilst watching the sun go down… very much like this picture I found on their Facebook page.

credit Wight Mermaids Gin

I would recommend going and trying Mermaids Gin if you are on the island and love your gin like me!

Wight Mermaid Gin retails at £36.50 and is available from the distilleries website.

P.S. If you are growing your gin collection like I am, the bottle is beautiful enough to have on your shelf!

Happy drinking… gin gin!


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